Waterproof Knee Boots

Waterproof Knee Boots

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Our long awaited Waterproof Knee Boots are here! If you loved our Hock Boots you will love these to complete your set to stop those knees getting stained!

They are light weight, fully adjustable with a baggy insert at the front to allow the joint to move!

Perfect for keeping knee's clean before a competition, can be used for both stable use and travelling and fine to stay on over night/during the day. Also ideal for older horses or anything with joint pain/issues. 

Perfect to use if needing to cover an injury or bandage on the knee. 

Fully elasticated with plenty of velcro that can be cut to fit, fleece inside with a light weight waterproof outer shell.

Made in 3 parts with a baggy outer to allow the joint to move. Inside straps to secure correctly. 

Mini - Miniature Shetland/Miniature Horses - Any breed of foal. 
Pony - Small Natives - LR / SHP types - fine bred ponies 
Cob - Fine bred 14hh types, C's, Medium built native types 
Full - Cob's, Traditional's, Sport Horses etc 
Extra Full - Larger than average joints
Shire / Clydesdale - Any Heavy Horse Type