Fleece Hock Boots - Cob, Full, Heavy Horse

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Double thickness polar fleece hock boots, ideal for keeping horses and ponies clean before a competition or suitable for the older ones needing to keep warm.  

These work best with Leg Wraps or Bandages. 

Fully elasticated straps, plenty of velcro that can be cut to fit. Inside top strap to secure correctly.


Cob - 14hh Fine Types, Section C's, Medium Built Natives 
Top - Middle - Bottom "

Full - Cob's, Traditional's, Sport Horses etc
Top - Middle - Bottom "

Extra Full - Perfect if your horse has massive hocks - these will be cut extra wide but still in shape. 
Top - Middle - Bottom "

Heavy Horse - Any Heavy Horse breed! Shire, Clydesdale's, Percheron etc
Top - Middle - Bottom "