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Fleece Knee Boots

Fleece Knee Boots

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Fleece Knee Boots - sold as a pair.

Miniature - Miniature Shetland / Miniature Horse 

Pony - Section A / B - Small Natives, L/R, SHP

Cob - 14hh Fine Types, Section C's, Medium Built Natives 

Full - Cob's, Traditional's, Sport Horses etc

Extra Full - Perfect if your horse has massive hocks - these will be cut extra wide but still in shape.

Heavy Horse - Any Heavy Horse breed! Shire, Clydesdale's, Percheron etc

These are perfect for older ponies that suffer with stiff joints in the colder weather and for keeping the knee's clean before competition. 

Our knee boots work best along side bandages or leg wraps. 

Machine washable. 


* PLEASE NOTE: The strength exerted by the flexing of the leg as a horse lays down and gets up again, could stretch the “fully enclosed” style boot to such an extent that the stitching can be ripped apart or the waterproof or fleece shell tears rendering the boot, non-repairable, non returnable and non refundable. You purchase these with that in mind and no guarantee is given.

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