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Fleece Headless Hoods

Fleece Headless Hoods

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Headless Hoods

* Silky Mane Saver as Standard

* Adjustable Elasticated Neck

* Generous length of neck

* Velcro Fastenings on neck for a snug fit

* Fleece belly band

* Made from premium quality Polar Fleece

* Washable on low temperature

Bespoke and custom orders also available to your measurement! 

MINI - Will fit Miniature Shetlands, American Miniatures etc.

SMALL PONY - Small Foals / Yearlings

PONY - Section A / B - Standard Pony Size

LARGE PONY - Suit fine bred 14hh SHP / Riding Pony Types (5'6 Rug)

COB - Standard Cob Size (5'9/6'0 Rug)

FULL - Standard Full Size (6'3/6'6/6'9 Rug)

EXTRA FULL - Standard Extra Full Size (7'0/7'3 Rug)

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