Waterproof Hock Boots

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Waterproof Hock Boots

Perfect for keeping hock clean before a competition, can be used for both stable use and travelling and fine to stay on over night/during the day. Also ideal for older horses or anything with joint pain/issues.

Fully elasticated with plenty of velcro that can be cut to fit, fleece inside with a light weight waterproof outer shell.

Perfect for covering an injury or bandage of the hock. This item is not sold as a turnout boot. 

Made in 3 parts with a baggy outer to allow the joint to move. Inside straps to secure correctly.


Mini - Miniature Shetland/Miniature Horses - Any breed of foal.  
Pony - Small Natives - LR / SHP types - fine bred ponies 
Cob - Fine bred 14hh types, C's, Medium built native types 
Full - Cob's, Traditional's, Sport Horses etc 
Extra Full - Extra Full size joints!  
Shire / Clydesdale - Any Heavy Horse Type