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Waterproof Tail Bags

Waterproof Tail Bags

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Tail Bags!

Light weight showerproof material. 

Pictured on a 13hh trad with a good thick tail. Simply plait the tail from the dock in a loose plait and thread the soft elastic through one loop of the tail.

Perfect for the night before a show, travelling or simply for use in the field to keep the mud out of the tail! 

Lengths approx! If you need something longer...drop us a message!

Mini - Length 14"

Small - Length 18" 

Medium - Length 24"

Large - Length 27"  

Big Cob - Length 29" but extra wide with 2 straps for the biggest, thickest tails. If your cob has a heavy tail this is better for extra support through the straps.

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